A little about Tea Monkey

People said to me "Oooh you're opening a tea shop" and I passionately say no it's not a tea shop, it's just a little bit funky and it's so much more than just tea, it's a place where people can come and chill and have a lot more choice than a soggy teabag dumped in a paper cup!

Tea Monkey has 40 different types of loose tea, and pyramid tea sacs for anyone who thinks loose tea is a faff (it isn't by the way), and we'll show you how easy it is, and how different REAL tea tastes, not to mention how spectacular our blooming teas LOOK (worth a visit just to see that!)

And then they say, "OK that's cool, but are you going to sell coffee? 'Cause I do love my lattes!" And we say yes, of course we'll be selling coffee, in fact we aim to sell the best cup of coffee in town - and to prove it we've invested in the best coffee machines and highest quality coffee. And just in case neither tea nor coffee are your bag, we'll be doing chocolate shots, iced drinks – in fact, something for everyone.

And then comes the $64million question – why?

Well, after years of travelling the world, and sitting in coffee shops all over the place, it got me thinking… Tired of the same old corporate coffee shops with their lack of imagination I wanted to go somewhere where tea wasn't a second-class citizen. Tea is so cool and healthy – and with such a wide variety of types and flavours there's a tea for you whatever mood you're in – but we Brits especially are a nation of tea drinkers, but there's no tea chain in the UK. Not until now…

So we created Tea Monkey, a tea-led café chain for the world…

Fun Tea facts

million cups
drunk per day

%age of folk
who drank tea yesterday

%age of staff who learn
more over a acuppa

tonnes of tea imported
to the UK per year